don’t trust people that dislike tyler posey


Things I Wanted from Comic con

  • Confirmation that Grant Ward did not shoot the dog
  • Cast support for a redemption arc
  • Cast/writer confirmation of a redemption arc
  • Good treatment of Brett Dalton
  • Good Skyeward news

Things I got from Comic Con

  • Literally all of that


#she’s a real life malia


john green this is all ur fault stop blaming the stars



"FINALLY THE PANEL HAS STARTED," i say as i’m not watching the panel in any way at all

and the sequel, “OH MY GOD THE PANEL WAS AMAZING,” i say after i did not watch the panel in any way at all

There are people out there even now rooting for Ward. And that’s extraordinary, and that’s a testament to terrific writing and a great performance by Brett Dalton. So where he winds up? Hold onto your seats.

Jeph Loeb speaking to Marvel.com


The Agents of SHIELD cast being very serious and professional at San Diego Comic-Con


allow me to sum up chloe bennet for you: in the middle of shooting one of her character’s most intense scenes of the season, accidentally steps on trashcan lever, curses and punches the can


petition for troye to wink at the end of his music video